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Introducing the Task/Time Planner

The Task/Time Planner (TTP) is a paper-based daily planning sheet designed to enable you to easily set your intentions, identify time gaps, and prevent over-scheduling. It’s all about being realistic with your time and staying on-task.

To be our most productive and creative selves we must set limits. Determining what NOT to do is just as important as knowing what you should do. This is where the TTP comes into play.

The number of projects we can work on in a day are intentionally limited with the TTP. There are often several other things happening in a day that are outside our control. The TTP helps you to visualize how tightly packed your day is and where you might need a little extra white space for the unexpected.


How to Use It

  1. At the beginning of the day record up to three projects to work on. These may be individual projects or parts of a larger overall project.
  2. Organize your projects into “work packages” by identifying the steps required to complete them.
  3. Determine how much time is required to complete each project and time-block your day, making sure to work around any meetings, administrative tasks, and breaks.
  4. As the day goes on, use the Notes area to record anything you need to remember later.
  5. At the end of the day, review what you have completed and how realistic your time-blocking goals were. Use this information, and anything written in the Notes area, to help you plan your next day.

Download the Task/Time Planner (PDF)

The original idea for what became the Task/Time Planner came from Dsri Seah and their series of productivity tools. In fact, I debated for quite a while about posting the Task/Time Planner to my website as I borrowed heavily from their work and did not want to infringe upon it. I certainly owe them a debt of gratitude for sharing their work and inspiring mine.