7 basic human movements

There are seven basic human movement patterns. These patterns are the foundation for all human movement. When you understand basic movements, you will have a better idea of how to improve your exercise programming.

1. Push: Walking, picking something up off the ground with your legs, and lifting something over your head are all pushing movements. Exercises typically come in some variation of push-ups, presses, raises, throws, and squats.

2. Pull: Picking something up off the ground with your back and arms is a typical pulling movement. It also includes pulling something towards your body, or pulling your body toward something, and holding on to an object. Common exercises include the pull-up, rows, shrugs, curls, and most abdominal movement.

3. Hinge: Anytime you bend over or use any of your joints, you are doing a hinge-type movement. Exercises include deadlifts, cleans, snatches, curls

4. Squat: You have to squat every time you sit down. Exercises are variations of the basic squat to target the various muscles of the legs and lower back, including goblet squats, sumo squats, and lunges.

5. Loaded Carry: Bearing and moving any kind of object from one place to another is a loaded carry. Common exercises are the farmer’s carry, waiter’s walk, and ruck march.

6. Rotation: Turning you head to look at something, or twisting your body to reach for something are examples of rotations. The arms and shoulders also provide significant rotation movements. Exercises include the cherry picker and dumbbell pour.

7. Counter-rotation: We perform counter-rotation movements whenever we are trying to balance. Exercises include suitcase deadlifts, renegade rows, and many types of yoga poses.

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