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How to Scan a Network Using a Windows Batch Script

The company I work for uses Lansweeper to keep tabs on network assets, but Lansweeper is complete overkill when you just need to take a quick snapshot of critical systems. So I wrote a simple batch script that will ping every host in a list and report back on their status, as well as provide a report of the offline systems which may need further investigation. This gives me a quick idea of the health of the network when my workday begins, and helps me to focus in on areas that may become serious problems.

@echo off 
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion

set /a online=0
set /a offline=0

rem delete/clear offline.txt
break > offline.txt

echo Initiating Ping Sweep...

FOR /f %%i IN (hosts.txt) DO (
    ping %%i -n 1 > NUL

    if not errorlevel 1 (
        echo %date% %time%  %%i IS ONLINE
        set /a online+=1
    ) else (
        echo %date% %time%  %%i IS OFFLINE
        echo %date% %time%  %%i IS OFFLINE >> offline.txt
        set /a offline+=1
    rem pause 1 second before next ping
    rem timeout -t 1 > nul

echo *************************
echo      %online% hosts online
echo      %offline% hosts offline
echo *************************

FOR /f "delims=" %%i IN (offline.txt) DO (
    echo %%i


exit /b

Before you begin your scan you need to define the list of hosts. To do this, create a text file called hosts.txt and put one host per line.

Example hosts.txt