I get most of my good ideas when I am reading, so I tend to read a lot. These are the books I think are worth your time and frequently recommend to others.

Leadership, Strategy, and Tactics

— by Jocko Willink

Actionable advice for the most common leadership challenges. There are no long, drawn out war stories. It’s a manual full of real world problems and solutions I can digest one piece at a time with my morning coffee.

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About Face

— by David Hackworth

The most influential manual on leadership I have ever read. No-shit stories of successes and failures at multiple levels of leadership. This is how you “lead from the front” and influence the chain of command by “leading up” the chain.

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Guidelines for the Leader and the Commander

— by Gen. Bruce C. Clarke

“About Face” provided me with my basic education in leadership, this book provided Hackworth with HIS. Clarke is infinitely quotable, but still provides the depth required to fully employ his techniques and advice.

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The Next 100 Years

— by George Friedman

A so-far-so-accurate forecast of the political, military, and economic future of the world. Friedman makes some interesting predictions about the economic collapse of China, a Second Cold War with Russia, and new influencer nations, among others.

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Show Your Work

— by Austin Kleon

It completely changed the way I thought about sharing stuff online. I tried and failed many times over a decade to “find my voice” so I could start a blog. It turns out I didn’t need to wait for my voice to be found.

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Army Leadership and the Profession

— by the Center of Army Profession and Leadership

Discusses organizational leadership and established a common set of standards, leader attributes, and core competencies. Set the foundation for my own leadership style by defining what a leader is and does.

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