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As of March 2022, I retired from the U.S. Army and returned to college at the age of 40 to study Cybersecurity.

What I am up to now

  • 🏢 I’m working as a System Administrator for a local Hawai’i company providing desktop support, mobile device deployments, cloud service management, sever maintenance, and small network administration.
  • 📚 I’m returning to school. Specifically, I’m returning to my alma mater AMU to study Cybersecurity. This will be a pretty radical career change, but I have an aptitude for the cyber domain and am up for the challenge.

Get in touch

  • 📲 If you’ve got a short question or message, the best way to reach me is with a DM on Twitter.
  • 📨 If it is something longer, or if you just don’t use Twitter, please email me (hello [at] justinsloan [dot] com). I read 100% of emails but there’s only enough time in the day to reply to around 30%. I’ll typically reply back when I have extra time on the weekends.

My military awards and decorations

Combat Action Badge Parachutist Badge

Unit Award Ribbons

Award Ribbons

Recruiter Badge